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Warsaw – From Ruins to Skyscrapers

October 1944, an order has been issued to erase a city from the surface of Earth. Issuing the order was Hitler, and the city to be destroyed was Warsaw. While a large part of it was demolished, it has luckily not been erased. Today, we can say the city rose from the ashes and became one of the fastest growing cities in Europe.


Main Square, the Beating Heart of Krakow

Recently, we expanded our team, which led to a need for a bigger office. We moved part of our team to a new wing of the same building, but this time with a very special view. We can now admire the Main Square of Krakow from our windows. It is truly a spectacular view and a very special place in Europe. That’s why today, we’ve decided to introduce you to this gorgeous place.


Taiwan – Not Quite China

In 1697 Taiwan’s pioneering explorer from the mainland China, Yu Yonghe, described it as an inaccessible, unvisited and barbaric land. Funnily enough, in the 16th century, the Portuguese called it “Ilha Formosa”, the Beautiful Island. So what is the truth about this fascinating land? Today we will try to find out.  


Santiago – in the Shadow of the Andes

In the Maipo Valley, surrounded by the World’s longest continental mountain range – the Andes – lays a very special city. Santiago de Chile is a unique piece of land. Here tradition meets modernity and nature meets the city life. Let’s have a walk around its streets to get a better understanding of its complex personality.


Rimini – More Than Just a Beach Resort

Many people associate Rimini only with its seaside resort and nightclubs. But this climatic city has so much more to offer than just the beach and the bars. Its history made it one of the most interesting places in Italy. So don’t get fooled by all the advertisements wanting you to only focus on one aspect of it. Discover true Rimini and don’t be afraid to fall in love.

Thermal Spas

The Thermal Spas of Hungary

There are many great spots for spa lovers around Europe, but no place compares to Hungary. The country famous for its thermal waters takes the number one spot on the Old Continent’s pampering destinations list.  Let’s have a look at some of the Hungary’s most popular thermal water spots.


Madeira – The Pearl of the Atlantic

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, nearly 1000 km south of Europe is a unique piece of land. The Madeira Archipelago, the subject of today’s post, is often called the “Hawaii of Europe”, and not without reason. This autonomous region of Portugal is actually closer to Africa than to the Old Continent. Its location and volcanic origin made it into a rocky land with some of the largest cliffs in Europe. Yet, its climate is very mild, with gentle Summers and fairly warm Winters. Madeira sounds like a land of contrasts, but it’s surprisingly harmonious. Let us take you on a journey around this special place, so you can see it for yourself.

The Outstanding Street Art of Krakow

Krakow, “The City of Kings”. Once a capital of Poland, now its cultural centre, is known for the gorgeous castle, gothic and baroque churches, fascinating museums, and the 13th-century main square voted the best public space in the World. It is typically associated with old buildings and stories of the past. However, Krakow is way more than just a dream destination for the history geeks. Something many people do not expect is its vibrant street art scene.