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Vegetarian/Vegan Food

Vegetarian and Vegan Guide to Krakow

Krakow is famous for a lot of things. The architecture, Jazz, Pierogi (dumplings), the diversity and the wonderful multicultural environment to name but a few. But did you know that Krakow offers a whole host of options for vegetarians and vegans looking for delicious food served fresh daily, at good prices and sometimes with an unexpected twist. Here I will try to outline and highlight the best places to eat as a Vegetarian and/or Vegan.


Main Square, the Beating Heart of Krakow

Recently, we expanded our team, which led to a need for a bigger office. We moved part of our team to a new wing of the same building, but this time with a very special view. We can now admire the Main Square of Krakow from our windows. It is truly a spectacular view and a very special place in Europe. That’s why today, we’ve decided to introduce you to this gorgeous place.

The Outstanding Street Art of Krakow

Krakow, “The City of Kings”. Once a capital of Poland, now its cultural centre, is known for the gorgeous castle, gothic and baroque churches, fascinating museums, and the 13th-century main square voted the best public space in the World. It is typically associated with old buildings and stories of the past. However, Krakow is way more than just a dream destination for the history geeks. Something many people do not expect is its vibrant street art scene.

Best destinations for Spring in Poland

Poland is a beautiful country all year round, but there is something about Spring that makes it unusually beautiful. And since the “long weekend” is coming up in this gorgeous country we want to introduce you a few ideas for a spring tour around this wonderful country.   Tatry The highest mountains of Poland are by many considered the most beautiful ones. Not only there are many beautiful towns in the area of the Tatra Mountains (especially Zakopane, which attracts tourists 365 days a year), but the mountains themselves are absolutely gorgeous, especially in the spring when multicolored flowers are starting to blossom. Especially beautiful is Chochołowska Valley, where in May thousands of purple crocuses attract hundreds of tourists!     Kraków One of the most beautiful cities in Poland has been delighting visitors for ages, and in the spring it takes on some extraordinary charm that makes it even more beautiful. Wawel Castle, the Vistula river, the Main Market Square and all the small streets where you can get lost are captivating and put …