How does it work?

Cheaper hotel rooms for everyone

Every time you’ve booked a hotel using a major booking website, they’ve been grabbing up to 25% from the hotels as their commission. So if you’d gone to the hotel directly, you could have saved at least this amount. Well, you could contact the hotel directly, but you’d also be spending a lot of time, and could face a large phone bill at the end of it all. Plus you’d have to find out their phone numbers, check out where they are located, their cancellation policies, if breakfast is included etc...hey, I’m feeling tired already!

So how can Bidroom help?

Bidroom will contact all the hotels on your behalf, and provide you with their best offers. Because we don’t charge exorbitant commissions to hotels, we can guarantee that you will save at least 5% on your booking with Bidroom.

3 steps to save at least 5% on your booking with Bidroom:

Tell us about your trip

We'll send this information to the hotels that match your criteria. Register with Facebook or email address and...

Compare offers

We guarantee your booking with Bidroom will be at least 5% cheaper than any other hotel booking website.

Book before it's too late

When you see the offer you like, book it! Offers can change at any time depending on the hotel's availability.